The Top Reasons Why It Makes Perfect Sense to Invest in a Can Seamer Today

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Did you know that more than one hundred twenty years ago, virtually no one had ever heard of or even seen tinned food unless they were in the military, where it was used as the main source of food for soldiers? But in the years that followed, this main source of food for the military gradually become more known and common, and tinned food, or canned food, as it is also known, began to cement its place in the households of people around the world. 

By the time World War II came around, domestic consumers had begun stocking up on tinned food, and this helped in the preservation of food – especially meat and vegetables – that would otherwise have spoiled if left un-tinned. And with these changes came advancements in how we preserved and processed and tinned meat and vegetables and other food items, with the birth of the can seaming machine taking precedence and making a big difference in the industry as well. If you are in the business of food processing, you may have already thought of investing in a can seaming machine but haven’t quite made up your mind. Here, then, are the top reasons why you should invest in a can seamer today.

  • Food that will always be preserved well

Without the use of a can seamer, the food you process can easily begin leaking from the can. Apart from this, there is the risk of bacteria and bugs invading the canned food, which can result in illness for your consumers. A tin will always be well and tightly-sealed by a can seamer so that leaks can be prevented, and you can also avoid bacteria or bug infestation in your food items or products. Also, if you invest in a can seamer, you can ensure that your food will be preserved for more than a few years. Even if tins come with a ‘best by’ date, it can still last for a few months even past this specified date. 

  • Protect the integrity as well as quality of your food product 

This is also related to protection – when you use a can seamer machine, you can protect the integrity and quality of your food product even further. Tinned food, once produced, will usually be stored in warehouses for several months prior to being shipped out to shops and consumers. But warehouses can have problems with cockroaches, rodents, bacteria, dust, dirt, and so on, and if your tins are not perfectly sealed, this can definitely affect the integrity and quality of your food product as well. If you use a can seamer machine, the seams of the cans will always be well-sealed so nothing can get in or out, preventing dust, dirt, bacteria, or bugs and rodents from getting into the food inside. 

  • A regular seamer can last for a long time 

Regular can seamers can give you a lot of value for your money as they can last for a long time. With a seamer, you can have a much faster and more efficient process, and if you opt for fully automated machinery, your need for manual labour is reduced, thus saving you money as well. What’s more, can seamers are known for their durability; in fact, there are machines that are still working even after 40 years. With this kind of investment, you are sure to get plenty of returns. 

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