Spinach Extract Market : Drivers ,Restraints, Opportunities & Challenges

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Spinach extract, whose scientific name is Spinacia Oleracea is produced from the spinach leaves and is typically consumed to lose weight by reducing appetite and potentially leading to lower caloric intake. The prime component of the spinach extract is concentrated thylakoids which are microscopic structures occurring naturally in the leaves of chloroplasts of green plant cells. The thylakoids utilize the similar strategy as any pharma-based weight-loss drug which involves suppressing the activity of an enzyme necessary for digesting fat resulting in the enhanced level of hormones associated with reduction of appetite.  The spinach extract is sold under the trade name of Appethyl® is marketed by a Swedish company called Greenleaf Medical AB accompanied by a U.S.-based company, FutureCeuticals.


The global spinach extract market can be segmented by form into powder and solid. The solid product type can be further sub-segmented into tablets, capsules as well as soft gels. Amongst these product types, the powder form of the spinach extract is preferred and takes up much of the overall market share owing to the convenience and the quicker rate of absorption by the body.

The global Spinach Extract market can be segmented by application into dietary supplements, cosmetics & personal care, functional foods, food & beverage and others. In food & beverage segment, the spinach extract is used as an ingredient in yogurts, juices, and snack bars. The others segment of the application type takes up the products such as the replacement meals, very low-calorie diet (VLCD), etc. The dietary supplements segment takes up a considerable share of the overall spinach extract market.

By distribution channel, the global spinach extract market can be segmented into direct and indirect. The direct distribution channel operates directly between the manufacturers, super stockists, and the distributors. The indirect distribution channel where the consumers receive products dire​_​_​_ctly from the retailers, and it can be further sub-segmented into online retailing, convenience stores as well as hyper markets/supermarkets.

Global Market Drivers and Restraints:-

On the backdrop of the frequent use of spinach extract and the rising consumer awareness, the global Spinach Extract market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR. The primary driver which is promoting the spinach extract market is its ability to induce appetite-reducing hunger and in turn resulting in weight loss. The spinach e​_xtract is also evident to develop and improve various body stability factors such as glucose and cholesterol levels. The spinach extract market is also seen to be flourishing on the backdrop of certain other properties such prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, age-related macular degeneration, and the degeneration of the immune and neurological systems. These health benefits are of particular interest of the health-conscious population primarily belonging to the developed regions such as North America as well as Europe.

The restraints of the spinach extract market include the possible allergic reactions to spinach, although rare. Gout may also be precipitated in enthusiastic individuals due to high purine content. Consumption of spinach in infants younger than four months is not recommended owing to the potentially reduced calcium absorption. Furthermore, contamination with Escherichia coli has resulted in outbreaks of food-borne illness.

Regional Outlook:-

Asia-Pacific and Latin America are the biggest exporters of the global spinach extract market regarding production. China and Italy stand the largest exporters of spinach extract and related products globally. The increase in awareness amongst c​_onsumers regarding the additives in food commodities for the improvement in its quality and of the non-toxic cleaning alternatives are anticipated to surge the demand in Northern American and European spinach extract market.

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Key Players:-

Some of the major stakeholders who are driving the spinach extract market are Greenle​_af Medical AB, The Green Labs LLC, Kanegrade Limited, Carrubba INC, Nutra Canada, Ingredients INC, Accurate Ingredients, Ransom Naturals Ltd, Swanson Health Products Inc and others.​

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